ChaKation: The Shield and Sword

Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Shield and Sword

There are times when two events appear to have a yin-yang relationship. One of these combinations is spirituality and karma. There are times when spirituality affects karma and karma affects spirituality. Observation makes it possible to see these are two unique realms with interconnections.

The Universal Compass is spiritual. A person goes through four motions to complete a successful harvest. Plant the seeds, let them grow, harvest the grain and fill the storehouse for winter.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is karmic. Conquest to explore territory, war to establish rights, famine in fate from invading territory and death to reassert property rights.

Writing the Universal Compass and Coordinating Balance in another blog, I will focus on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. There is also redirection of each cycle when aware of their movement.

Spirituality is a shield. Karma is a sword. They interconnect to build wisdom. There is an underlying desire to achieve happiness. When a person is calm and seeks higher philosophy to understand life's mysteries, they are given more responsibility. When a person finds better methods of dealing with life, they become a complete person.

Spirituality is full of dogma. Karma is frightening. In religion, these counter forces are portrayed as angels or demons. The angel is benevolent with needs. The demon a fierce adversary who prays on the living for selfish reasons

There is a series of observations to decide if an individual is blessed or cursed. Curses are notable in the stories of the four horsemen and the highway man. People observe these stories literally, yet it is an observation of decline.

It begins with conquest. A person decides to be assertive. They find opposition to compromise and begin a war. They suffer disease and starvation. Finally, someone dies. In order to complete the cycle a winner is necessary. It might be the conqueror. It might the conquered people.

A simple tale to begin the story, a neighboring town desires more supplies for their people. They advertise their goods to open trade. The city tires of claim of health and wealth. The desire supplies and can make their own. They become weary of aggressive advertisements. There is a need to address a problem. Who are these people? What do they want? Can they benefit from our knowledge?

There is no one to help to defend them. They have not resolved how to get in and out of conflict. They become insane with rage. Therefore, each step must be considered.

We will use the Universal Compass to strengthen are existence in a foreign land. We will review spirituality to be devote and truthful to our beliefs. We will consider karmic consequences.

Similar to karma when someone does something bad to another person, they have bad karma. Karma is always sword. It is always a projection onto other people. We cut ourselves when realizing our faults. We cut other with blades of judgment.

The nice consequences of karma are justice and protection. When avenge ourselves or observe another taking vengeance, it reasserts those people have a suitable sense of comfort in harming their enemies.

Karma is more than wishing bad things to happen to other people. It is a measurement of an activity that interferes with another person's life.

Someone can have an enormous amount of spirituality and remain cruel. They feel they are best or better as part of a defense. Judgment creates reasons for opposition.

One person understands dedication and a purpose for life. People around them have less to accomplish and endure to gain knowledge through experience. This detracts from them gaining wealth and blessings. With conflict and accusation, battles are spontaneous.

Karma has the obvious downside. Those with bad karma are punished externally and internally for misdeeds. As the person asks for others to suffer for harming them, other people ask them to suffer. Suffering can be endless and unfair. This promotes people to correct bad karma. A person has to acknowledge and improve themselves. With desperation to live, they must end the war and discontent. Now, personal survival is at risk.

Spirituality is a balance between blessing and curses. These mostly relate to material wealth.

Karma is a balance between condemning and condemnation. It feels spiritual. It is a progressive taming of emotions and connecting actions to consequences.

We fight against demons writhing in our minds and emotions. There is always a common purpose. Mechanically, it shifts to the next part of the cycle. Similar to noticing the a person while turning around, there is time to alter how much damage each person suffers.

We find ourselves without pity. The slate to avoid death and revelation of the winner is in observation of the multiple levels of other states of higher bliss and enlightenment.

Spirituality is a shield against karma. With a wealth of wisdom, an individual is likely to correct actions to gain better results. In addition, wealth of property makes it difficult to fall into ruin. Spirituality can add a few years to a person's life. They have a few more years to gain wisdom.

Good karma can be possessed by someone who has a cursed life. With a higher need to compensate, they are considerate of people. Without choice, they must broaden an understanding. They must attempt to empathize with friends and enemies.

To achieve compromise, winning ideals or group of people become righteous. Battles to establish compromise become less extraordinary. There is a gain of knowing our neighbors. A harvest of facts and additional concepts. Establishment of trade compliance. Gains from the cycle of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is notable and desirable.

Since these are different realms of movement, there is a strand of variation. I am not the first to observe karma is an unyielding host forcing people into submission. There are a few connecting points between the two realms.

It is interesting seeing two similar yin-yang systems next to each other and how they react. They connect and separate. Negotiations for one does not resolve or find balance for the other. There are harmonies between them, yet they never hit the same note.

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