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Sunday, June 11, 2017


People frequently believe change is something that happens around us. Directional changes are something that happens within our hearts and minds. We are smaller parts of a larger system like protons around an atom's nucleus.

Medicinally, chakras are useful to identify physical and mental illness. Knowing about detecting physical illness, when we close our eyes and envision the color of the chakras, the chakras tone becomes muddy.

The orange chakra is also muddy during a woman's menstrual cycle. This is not an illness.

Frequently, the chakra are just as bright or sometimes pale when suffering an illness. After the meditation, a sense of darkness or blacking out the chakras aura occurs rapidly. Knowing you have an illness is not meaningful, health is relative and normal when falling within rational levels of health concerning factors like age.

Doctors might detect a treatable illness. It is a good time to become aware of activities, food and water quality. There might be symptoms indicating a potential disease. Preventative medicine is doing well for maintaining health levels.

Preventing illness, it is possible to maintain activities to sustain or acquire adequate work and comfort. Allowing illness, it becomes difficult to complete skillful tasks.

Physical illness can be caused by mental illness. Stress, anxiety, sadness and trauma contribute to fatigue. A larger amount of chemicals are consumed to make up for increased physical anxiety and various nervous functions.

It is possible to deter corrosive worry with meditation. Taking a proactive stance to understand the world, we improve ourselves. Instead of having indecisive or critical opinions about life, we take time to understand thoughts in relations to the world.

These factors, include: self, lifestyle, education, family, groups, society, environment and habitat. Each factor has a combined effect. The most important effect is the one involving self. To understand self a person evaluates according to larger social opinions and judgments according to group, family and lifestyles. Self is part of society.

It is takes time to build opinions. It is not as easy as listening to another person in your group.

Evaluation means observing information. At first, We challenge opinions we hear. Questions are in "yes or no" format. People feel as though these should be open ended questions.

Logical decision question right or wrong. At first, we only question consequences to ourselves. With maturity, we see the larger grouping orders and society also question rights and wrong according to self. Being part of something larger, there are three categories: ourselves, themselves and everyone.

Questions are somewhat scientific. Is the assumptions correct? Yes or no. If the assumption is correct, are there additional options that are effective? Yes or no. Are social standards high enough? Yes or no. Am I a person who has higher values and morals? Yes or no.

With these questions, we are able to define ourselves. We define are placement in life. Expectations of other people. Evaluation of personal skills and so-on.

After having ideals, we compete and test who we are in relation to the world.

Competition and need to achieve becomes greater. Developing a method to meditate, there are periods of rest and work. There is a lengthy period of time during rest to contemplate life; however, struggling with survival causes anxiety and makes it difficult to have perspective. Constant work is good; however, there might be a growing awareness and need to adjust to having more information.

Patience and developing standards strengthens the mind. A handful of standards are to give to charity, avoid taking charity, pay back whenever possible, take time to plan, do not steal, do not kill and do not give up easily.

Everyone needs to do these to survive. Change is an ongoing, uncontrollable part of living.

These concepts make a boundary to challenge the mind to find other solutions when new problems become apparent. Finding new inspirations, there is a multitude of options for realistic, quick decisions.

I might prefer fixing my problems by buying something. I might not have any money today or in the near future. Health is how we are able to take the inner light and make it functional. The inner workings need to be strengthened to make steady improvements.

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